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Lingonberry extract

If you have been paying attention to the health trends, you may have come across lingonberries in the past as an almighty health supplement. Now based on a new study, Lingonberry extract may also be one of the best weight loss products for you. With claims that it can triple your fat loss.

Benefits Of Lingonberries

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What Are Lingonberries?

February 9, 2014

Do Lingonberries Work For Weight Loss?

As spring and summer months slowly approach, many have been wondering what is the best way to boost their weight loss with all natural supplements. Research may just have the answer you were looking for.


It is an all natural berry that is native to the northern hemisphere. The latin name for lingonberries is Vaccinium vitis-idaea it is also known as the cowberry and is most common in Sweden and Finland.

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